Drama Korea
Ho Goo’s Love

호구의 사랑

1 Seasons 16 Episodes

Ho Goo’s Love

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General information

Original name호구의 사랑

Synopsis of Ho Goo’s Love

It’s not easy being Ho Goo, a low-key guy who can neither score a date nor score high enough on his civil service exams, which he’s failed 7 years running. But when he has a chance reunion with national swimming champion Do Hee, the most popular girl of his high school, his luck begins to change — perhaps for the worse. After staying out all night with Do Hee, Ho Goo experiences a rude awakening when he realizes that not only has Do Hee left him, she’s also pregnant!

Release Year
Firt air date
Last air date3/31/2015
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


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