Drama Korea
Marry Him If You Dare

미래의 선택

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Marry Him If You Dare

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Original name미래의 선택


Marry Him If You Dare

Synopsis of Marry Him If You Dare

In the broadcasting world, writers report news of things that have already occurred or are unfolding: they tell it like it is, without any control over transpiring events. 32-year-old news writer Na Mi Rae is the exception to the rule: she meets her future self who wants to change the events of her present life, namely advising her younger self not to marry news anchor Kim Shin. With this in mind, young Mi Rae pursues a vastly different path in life, one full of hopes and dreams. But what’s news to Mi Rae is that when you change even a small part of history, all of history changes along with it.

Release Year
Firt air date
Last air date12/3/2013
Episode runtime65 min
TV StatusEnded