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Pretty Man


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Pretty Man

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Original name예쁜남자


Pretty Man

Synopsis of Pretty Man

Hands down, Dokgo Ma Te is the prettiest man in the world. And he knows it! Coupled with his ambitions of power, riches and splendor, Ma Te sets out to use his good looks for equally good money. Along the way, he meets Hoon Yoo Ra, an ex-heiress who senses a kindred gold digger in Ma Te and thus agrees to be his mentor in social climbing. Yoo Ra sets Ma Te on a diabolically comical mission to seduce 10 vastly different women: after “conquering” each woman, Ma Te absorbs their individual, specialized abilities. But when the poor, but adorable Kim Bo Tong surfaces with a huge crush on Ma Te, the rules of the game change.

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Firt air date
Last air date1/9/2014
Episode runtime60 min
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